Vision & Values

ASL is a strong and independent company committed to continuing its long history of providing to share-holders and clients the benefits of acting together to obtain scale and market presence and hence to achieve better outcomes than would be available to any one client acting alone.

Our vision is:

  • To be a leading provider of payment services
  • To be a strong voice in the payments arena
  • To be an innovative and growing organisation
  • To provide attractive products, superior service and exceptional value.

ASL has a strong business model focused on working collaboratively with our members to provide scale advantages in their business operations. The strength of the relationship between the member base and ASL’s management team is an ongoing strength and key strategic advantage of the business. Collaboration remains a hallmark of ASL!

Our Values

Building shareholder value is core to our ethos. ASL enjoys a unique symmetry between member and share-holder a symmetry which is at the heart of our passion for creating value for our clients and through this building creating real value for our shareholders.

ASL is therefore firmly committed to enacting a culture that values and rewards ethical behaviors, integrity, innovation and respect. These are the hallmarks of how the company strives to engage with clients, share-holders and, most importantly, how the ASL team engages with each other.