Settlement and Treasury

ASL provides our members settlement services in all Auspaynet clearing streams as well as eftpos, VISA, BPAY, Osko, NPP, PEXA and Austraclear. This allows our member institutions to fully participate in the Australian payments system without the need to hold an Exchange Settlement Account (ESA) with the Reserve Bank. ASL operates settlement services through its own ESA and provides a “mini” ESA capability to its members.

A settlement relationship with ASL provides you the means to manage your liquidity in the same manner that larger financial institutions do today. This ability to shift deposits to meet liquidity and maximise investment returns is a significant capability.

ASL’s solution provides for prudential funding balances and other settlement balances to be held separately and pays not only the full RBA interest rate on ESA balances but highly competitive rates on other funds which are held in your account. All monies held with ASL are considered HQLH (MLH) for capital management purposes by APRA.

As part of ASL’s settlement solution, ASL does not take a charge over the balance sheet of our members.

Key Features Of ASL's Settlement & Treasury Solution

  • Real Time on-line access to balances (with ASL Direct)
  • Support for Austraclear
  • Alibility to hold prudential requirements and additional funding separately
  • No charge over balance sheet for settlement services
  • Highly competitive rates

Major Benefits To You

  • Full RBA rate on ESA balances
  • Market leading rates on other deposits

Why ASL?

ASL specialises in providing a range of wholesale payments services to financial institutions. ASL provides high quality, value for money and efficient service to its Members. ASL has partnerships with best of breed service suppliers to ensure that it can bring to its member clients the best solutions possible to their financial payments needs.

ASL has operated for over 20 years supporting Australian Mutual organisations, was the first non-bank to hold an Exchange Settlement Account, and has an enviable performance record. ASL is an approved deposit taking institution and is supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority.

For further information on this, or any ASL product, please contact ASL.