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Detect and Prevent FinCRIME with ease


ASL’s Financial Crime Solution, powered by IBM Safer Payments ™, is a cutting-edge solution that helps detect and prevent financial crimes – such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorism financing.

Financial crime poses a serious threat to organisations everywhere, and it is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated. To mitigate these risks, businesses need to have the right tools in place, and that is where ASL’s Financial Crime Solution comes into its own.


The ASL Financial Crime Solution offers:

Advanced analytics: uses advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious transactions and behaviours.
Real-time monitoring: monitors financial transactions in real-time, which means any potential threat can be detected and stopped before it causes damage.
Regulatory compliance: fully compliant with global regulatory requirements, ensuring that businesses can stay ahead of changing regulations.
Customisable: highly customisable, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to meet their specific or evolving needs.
Quick deployment: ability to build, test, validate and deploy machine learning models in minutes, hours or days, rather than weeks or months with many existing market solutions.


With this solution, organisations benefit from:

Improved detection and prevention: helps detect and prevent financial crimes more effectively, reducing the risk of financial losses and reputation damage.
Democratised information: the solution can exclusively detect and share fraudulent activity quickly, so any organisation running ASL’s Financial Crime Solution, can be protected from new and evolving threats.
Cost savings: by automating the detection and prevention of financial crime.
Enhanced regulatory compliance: ensures compliance with global regulatory requirements, avoiding costly fines and penalties.
Increased efficiency: streamlines the financial crime detection and prevention process, minimises false-positives, allowing businesses to focus on other critical business activities.


Ultimately, the ASL Financial Crime Solution is a powerful tool for businesses looking to mitigate the risks associated with financial crime. Our solution is designed to improve detection, save costs, enhance regulatory compliance, increase efficiency and prevent financial crime. Be proactive, rather than reactive.

Enable your fraud management and anti-money laundering (AML) capabilities to go the highest level.


ASL has operated in the Australian market for over 30 years, supporting organisations across the country, and International businesses expanding into the local market.We were the first non-bank to hold an Exchange Settlement Account (ESA), allowing us to settle directly with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

We have a direct and secure connection into the New Payments Platform (NPP), and have direct COIN connectivity.

Since 1994, we have also held a full Australian banking license (ADI).

Approved & Supervised

We are an authorised and approved deposit taking institution (ADI), and supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

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