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New Payments Platform



The New Payments Platform (NPP), is a world-class payments solution giving consumers, businesses, and governments a way to make fast, versatile, and data-rich payments – a platform that meets the rapidly evolving needs of a 24/7 digital economy. The NPP facilitates real-time payments between bank accounts paired with value-add messaging.

ASL enhance this solution with our direct connection into the NPP and other exclusive technologies and expertise, and provide our customers the fastest and most secure payment solution available in Australia today.

While the platform has been collaboratively developed by NPPA Australia and 14 financial institutions, including ASL – we directly connected into the NPP on the first day the platform was live, proudly enabling access for our customers.


As a founding member of the New Payments Platform, we know the regulatory and technical requirements, like we wrote them. We have the industry connections and in-depth knowledge to connect your organisation to the platform –  like no-one else can. 

As an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI), we also hold all the required financial services licences to clear and settle funds, ensuring your solution is not only compliant, but also highly secure.


There are different types of NPP solutions offered by ASL:

  1. Single Credit Transfer (SCT) – a single real-time payment from one bank account to another
  2. Categorised SCT – used for industry-specific real-time payments
  3. IFTI – International Funds Transfer Instruction
  4. PayTo – A more modern, digital alternative to traditional direct debits.


There are several key features on offer with ASL’s enhanced NPP solutions:

  • Make real-time payments – clearing and settlement
  • Send and receive low-value payments outside normal banking hours
  • Send more complete remittance information with payments
  • Address payments in a relatively simple way
  • Overlay services like Osko by BPAY


The key benefits of ASL’s NPP solution are:

  • Faster Payments – funds received in real-time, generally 30 seconds or less
  • Convenient Access – Payments flow 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Improved Information inclusions – 280 character messaging
  • Streamlined and Simpler use of PayID


PayID is a fast and secure way to make and receive payments. Instead of needing to remember BSB and account numbers, you can offer your customers the option to pay using PayID, which uses mobile numbers, email addresses or an ABN, as a simple alternative – helping you improve your customer experience.

As a founding member organisation and co-creator of the NPP, ASL can support your business with education, and a range of payment solutions incorporating PayID functionality.

Learn more about PayID on the official NPPA page here.


Our customers benefit from:

  • Dedicated Account Management with access to a range of product, technical and operational resources.
  • 24/7 monitoring and business continuity management.
  • Best-in-class payment products to support your business with ongoing thought leadership and planning to ensure future products are available when your Customers need them.
  • Payment experts available for consultation on your business and will represent your needs with key suppliers, and industry regulators and associations.
  • Customer and Product on-boarding are supported by a dedicated Implementation (Project Manager) so our customers are supported at all points of these changes.


PayTo is an easy and simple way for both business, your customers, and all consumers, to manage payments from banks accounts – all within the security of existing online or mobile payment platforms.


As a founding member organisation and co-creator of the NPP platform, ASL are a secure, trusted, and compliant partner for all your PayTo solutions, via the NPP.

ASL’s NPP-PayTo Solutions, support a range of organisations from Start-ups, Fintech’s, Financial Institutions, Payment Service Providers – all the way through to large Enterprise.


There are so many reasons to use PayTo. It is a real-time payments service, offering reliable transfer of payments, and includes increased transaction information for easier reconciliation – dramatically reducing, manual handling.

If there are bills to pay, subscriptions to manage or online shopping involved – then PayTo is the solution to offer your customers.


Convenience: Needing to remember BSB’s, account numbers or credit card details will be a thing of the past – users can simply use PayID’s for convenient and fast payments
Control: Users can authorise, view, and manage payments from their business or personal bank accounts, all in one place
Visibility: Using PayTo, your customers can view precisely when payments are due, to ensure enough money is in their account(s) to avoid missed payment fees
Security: PayTo agreements can be securely managed via banking apps or online banking platforms
Flexibility: Consumers using PayTo, can easily pause, stop, or move PayTo agreements, across any eligible accounts


ASL supports a range of organisations connect to the New Payments Platform and subsequent access to PayTo functionality:

 Financial Institutions  High Volume and Scaling Businesses  Payment Service Providers,  Payment Platforms  Other Payment Facilitators


As a new, digital way for merchants and businesses to initiate real-time payments from their customers’ bank accounts, PayTo helps build:

  • CONFIDENCE – PayTo helps business thrive in a digital economy with fast, reliable, and secure payments that keep money moving 24/7.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Build a better relationship with your customers when you give them a better way to pay.
  • EFFICIENCY – PayTo is a modern, digital, and more efficient alternative to existing direct debit payment solutions


ASL is more than just an NPP connected institution. ASL is one of only a handful of authorised ADI’s with full participant capability. 

This gives us the power and complete visibility to see all PayTo transaction flows from end-to-end. This ensures payments, whether for your business or your customers – reach their desired destination as intended.

ASL offers businesses the entire suite of features and functionality of PayTo via the powerful NPP platform as follows:

  • Mandate Creation – PayTo mandate Creation, Authorisation and Management.
  • Initiation – Payment Initiation request orchestration and validation against the PayTo Mandate Management Service.
    Clearing and Settlement
  • Real-Time – clearing and settlement of PayTo payments for real-time funds availability.
    Management and resolution with PayID
  • Issuance – PayID issuance and management.
  • PayID Look-Up – PayID look-up and resolution for PayTo mandate creation and Payment Initiation Requests.
    Supporting You with back-office support
  • Easy Access – Access to all the flows and options for NPP messaging and services for PayTo, avoiding duplication of NPPA and Participant costs to deliver a more cost-effective service.
  • Streamlined Operations – Self-service dispute resolution and investigation capabilities and workflows providing streamlined operational processes and compliant audit trails.
  • Compliance – Managed PayTo compliance, reducing compliance costs and operational risk.


Allow your customers to pay their way.

PayTo offers your customers greater visibility, control, and security with their payments.

Improve your customer experience and enhance your digital banking channels by offering PayTo to your customers – it’s just another way to keep them engaged, happy and loyal.


  • Minimise Fraud – PayTo can help reduce payment fraud with real-time account validation and mandate authentication by customers via secure banking channels.
  • Greater Control – Allow your customers to easily pause, change or cancel PayTo mandates, via secure banking channels, delivering greater control over payments made from their account(s).
  • Increased Visibility – With greater visibility, consumers can view details of PayTo mandates linked to their accounts via secure banking channels, with real-time notifications and alerts at key stages of the payment process and confirmation of payment success.
  • Sophisticated Processing – Real-time processing and settlement with confirmation of payment outcomes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – every day of the year, helping to improve customer visibility and management of available funds.
  • Reduce Misdirected Payments – The simple addressing of customer payments using PayID reduces instances of misdirected payments and exception processing, helping to improve your CX.


ASL makes accessing PayTo Quick, Easy and Streamlined. We can get you to market sooner – so you can continually improve your customer experience.

ASL connects start-ups,  financial institutions, high-growth businesses, payment service providers, platforms and payment facilitators to PayTo as Payment Initiators and Payer banks.

We can connect other types of organisations to PayTo as an ‘initiating business’, under a commercial arrangement with a payment initiator, that has been on-boarded through ASL.

Contact ASL to inquire about connecting to PayTo as a Payment Initiator, or Payer bank under an enterprise service arrangement.


With ASL’s market leading API, your organisation can easily connect to PayTo services, through one, simple, secure cloud-based integration – and we support you through the whole process, allowing your business to get to market sooner using PayTo.

Learn more about PayTo on the official NPPA page here.


ASL has operated in the Australian market for over 30 years, supporting organisations across the country, and International businesses expanding into the local market.We were the first non-bank to hold an Exchange Settlement Account (ESA), allowing us to settle directly with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

We have a direct and secure connection into the New Payments Platform (NPP), and have direct COIN connectivity.

Since 1994, we have also held a full Australian banking license (ADI).


We are an approved deposit taking institution (ADI) and supervised by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA).

For more information on ASL's REAL-TIME NPP SolutionS or PayTO
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