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High Value
Of Funds


ASL’s Advanced Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) Solution gives organisations the ability to transfer high-value payments accurately and at high speed, from one Australian bank to another – using ASL’s (or the paying banks) Exchange Settlement Account (ESA) with the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Speak with us today and start your journey to a stress free, streamlined access to ASL’s RTGS solution.

Key Features

  • Real-Time – Funds transferred to beneficiary accounts in real-time.
  • Sponsorship – HVCS sponsorship available.
  • Funds Access – RTGS processing hours aligned to RITS* hours.
  • Online Portal – Originate secure payments through online portal.
  • Access Flexibility – Multi-user access available.
  • Fast Reporting – Real-time reconciliation capabilities and 24/7 access.
  • SFTP Service – STP file transfer fir Client processing at Core Banking system.
  • SWIFT Messaging – Generation and receipts of RTGS (Swift) messages).

* Reserve Bank Information & Transfer System

Benefits For You

  1. Fast Settlement – Settlement happens at high speed with real-time transactions.
  2. Improved Visibility – 24/7 access to settlement account balances.
  3. Security – A 4-eye checking process provides payments that are highly secure.
  4. Flexibility – Option of payment initiation and receipt through ASL’s secure, high-value portal.
  5. Exchange Settlement Access – Utilise ASL’s Exchange Settlement Account (ESA).
  6. Risk Reduction – The system reduces risks associated with deferred high-value bank payments.
  7. Proven Solution – Uses teh trusted Reserve Bank’s highly secure system for HVCS*.
  8. No Limits – Send high value amounts with no upper cap limit.

*High Value Clearing System.

The ASL Advantage

  • ASL has a proud 30+ year settlement history.
  • ASL is a founding member with Direct Connection into the New Payments Platform (NPP) and COIN networks.
  • ASL was one of the first organisations to process live transactions on the New Payments Platform.
  • ASL has invested substantially to enhance our New Payments Platform environment.
  • ASL is a member and active participant of SWIFT, AusPayNet, eftpos, BPAY and Visa.
  • ASL has ‘ASAPP’, our easy, flexible API platform.
  • ASL is an authorised ADI, under the supervision of APRA, and compliant with all required APRA Prudential Standards.
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